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AmikomSocial is an application for android smartphone which develop by a community in STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta, which formed about the end of 2011 through a group on Facebook.

For new applications, AmikomSocial is a good application as social media and a passion for many families of AMIKOM.

view of AmikomSocial
view of AmikomSocial
view of AmikomSocial

Beta version 1.4
- Add Login Form for Amikom Student
- Update Listview Interface for Info, News and Calendar
- Fix auto refresh logic
- Fix auto refresh news update
- Fix notification, go to app onclick
- Fix notification, clear onclick
- Save detail Info & News to DB

Beta version 1.3
- Remove Confirm Exit Application
- Remove auto start setting
- Add pull down refresh on Info, News and Calendar

Latest Version 1.2
- Add Notification on updated Info, News and Calendar
- Fix setting sync calendar depends on select calendar
- Fix setting sync calendar depends on calendar data on device
- Fix auto refresh Info and news (stop service if uncheck setting)
- Fix default application save to external storage
- Fix auto refresh on change number of rows data
- Fix refresh loading preview on Info,  News  and Calendar

Final Released Version 1.0
- Fix Setting Description text, synchronize calendar
- Auto Refresh Info and News(Background Service)
- Set Interval Time Auto Refresh

Beta Released Version 0.8
- Display Info Campus
- Display News
- View Info and news on Browser
- Share Info and  via other Application
- Display Kalender Akademik
- Set Auto Refresh Download Data - next version
- Set Auto Refresh Time - next version
- Set Auto Refresh on Application Start
- Synchronize Calendar Application and Device Calendar
- Set Device Calendar to Synchronize


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