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Android is the master of the world. This is an important milestone for Google to develop new products and provide a signal that Android is going to dominatethe realm of universal mobile phone.

I wonder, why Android can be shot and quickly master the smartphone market? Here are eight reasons why:

1. Each version Goes Good

With regular upgrades are performed, each version of Android is guaranteed betterperformance and features. Latest version of the Android 3.0 or Honeycomb promises a significant increase of quality.

2. Android Smartphone It Good

Android's success can not be separated from the bearer of this OS smartphone, whichhas various nice features. Call it the Droid X, Galaxy S to the HTC Evo has a lot ofadvantages to consumers interested in buying it.

3. Let RIM Distracted

Initially, Google seemed impressed by the BlackBerry from RIM letting the marketcontrol of the enterprise. Android sales are more focused on the general consumer. Butafter the success in the consumer market, Android now started targeting more and morebusinesses and the corporate use than Android BlackBerry.

4. With a few models, Apple Can not Be Against Android

With only marketing the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4, Apple's increasingly desperate fight against Android. Dozens of Android smartphones is not opposed to a comparablethough the iPhone is still in great demand.

5. Decline in Microsoft's Market Share

Microsoft's fortunes in the realm of mobile OS is not good lately. The launch of WindowsPhone 7 considered late and their market share decline. This gives room for reaching a growing number of cake Android smartphone market.

6. Nokia stagger

From the very beginning dominate the smartphone arena, Nokia has started to stagger.For one thing, a solid Symbian OS they use is considered out of date compared toAndroid. Be the first consumer OS from a lot of glancing green robot.

7. Vendor Support Upper Class

Upper-class vendor support is very helpful melonjakkan popularity of Android. Evenpossible without the support of names like Samsung, Motorola and HTC mobile phonesthat provide a classy, Android would not be as successful now.

8. Efficacy of Google Brand

Google is a great brand reputation makes consumers no doubt Android. They seem tobelieve Android will deliver a smartphone that can use the experience they enjoy.

9. The rapid development

android users come from a variety of unique applications and up to date as a result ofpulling the green robot.  STIMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta students who have an interestin android also does not want to lose to create a new innovation that is AmikomSocial as the family's social media amikom

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